PBI-Honduras observes symposium on “Sexual diversity: challenges and progress towards equality”

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On July 22, PBI-Honduras tweeted:

“A few days ago, we observed the Symposium ‘Sexual Diversity: challenges and advances towards equality’. We applaud the participation of different LGBTI+ organizations and members and celebrate the participation of other venues such as embassies and national and international organizations.”

On Facebook, PBI-Honduras adds:

“Carla Antonelli first trans deputy in Spain, representatives of the EU [European Union], OACNUDH [Office in Honduras of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights], the University Institute IUDPAS [University Institute in Democracy, Peace and Security] and some government institutions, among others [were also present at the meeting].

Some of the topics discussed in the space were, the historic debt in human rights to the LGBTI+ community in Honduras, the cases of violence against the collective so far in 2022, the judgment of the CIDH [Inter-American Court of Human Rights] on the case Vicky Hernandez, and the process of changing name to National Register of Persons.

From PBI we celebrate that there are spaces to reflect on the complex situation of human rights facing the LGBTI + collective, we remember that it is urgent to address the situation and ensure respect for human rights of the common kindness.

We applaud the participation of various organizations and members of the collective at a national and international level and celebrate the participation of other stays such as embassies and national and international agencies.”

Then on July 28, PBI-Honduras further tweeted:

“Recently, we accompanied @somoscdc_hn at the Confines Festival in Gracias. We emphasize that it was the first time that sexual diversity was discussed at a cultural event in Gracias.”

PBI-Honduras has accompanied the Centre for LGTBI Development and Cooperation (Somos-CDC) since January 2022.

Carla Antonelli tweet: “An LGTBIQ+ population who put their bodies and their own lives, from here all my admiration for their bravery, strength and courage.”


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