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1- What does PBI do?

In 2018, PBI provided physical accompaniment, observation and office rounds
alongside 705 women and 629 male human rights defenders in Colombia,
Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya and Mexico on 1334 occasions.

2- What is the theory behind protective accompaniment?

PBI field volunteers provide a visible reminder to potential perpetrators of
human rights abuses that the world is watching and prepared to act.

3- How do I volunteer for a field project?

The field projects regularly put out a call for volunteers. PBI-Canada helps
spread the word through our networks. If you are interested, or would like
to find out more about what is involved in volunteering in the field, please
contact us at direction@pbicanada.org <mailto:direction@pbicanada.org> .

4- When was Peace Brigades International founded?

PBI was founded at a meeting that took place on Grindstone Island, about 100
kilometres south-west of Ottawa, Ontario, in August-September 1981. Its
founding statement highlighted, “We are forming an organisation with the
capacity to mobilise and provide trained volunteers in areas of high
tension, to avert violent outbreaks.”

5- Is PBI-Canada a charitable organization?

Yes, we are. Our charitable registration number is 1334-44117-R0001.

Let us know your questions by contacting us at direction@pbicanada.org
<mailto:direction@pbicanada.org> !

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