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In our work protecting human rights defenders, we rely on the support of individuals, trusts, foundations and religious groups as well as governments and other multilateral funders.

Urgent Action Network

When a human rights defender or a community that PBI accompanies is intimidated or threatened, PBI country groups work with PBI field projects to alert support networks around the world.


International volunteers provide protection to human rights defenders in the field. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us!

Peace Brigades International is a global movement of activists seeking justice and peace, supporting and standing in solidarity with threatened human rights defenders across the world. Our aim is to protect and support these brave individuals and organisations; strengthen their physical, digital and political security; and enhance their wellbeing. We adapt our approach to both the changing global context and the various constraints human rights defenders and organisations that support them encounter.

What front line activists say:

...PBI supports the critical work of others...

Norma Quintero


"We would have had a lot of concerns [without your] accompaniment. [With it]
we felt more secure as we engaged with this work."

Omar Jeronimo


"When I received serious threats, there were many reactions at the international level and I feel that this happened thanks to the work done by PBI on my case."

Stephen Kinuthia Mwangi


"[PBI has] taken the lead to create advocacy channels, to remind human rights defenders that they can work with full confidence knowing that the global community is aware of the work they are doing and that they are ready to assist them or protect them in case there are any threats against them."



"Thank you so much. We feel very lucky and blessed to have friends like you. Thank you for being with us at every step. Thank you so, so much."

Luis Ramirez


"PBI is a very important channel for defenders who fight for justice, indigenous peoples and natural resources."

Indira Ghale


"Today, when we were participating in the session, I felt it was a workshop that could change lives."

Our Supporters and Volunteers:

“PBI is unique in its role in quietly supporting individuals at the forefront of important organizations and social movements worldwide. I am proud to be a supporter!”
(Heather Neun, Vancouver)
Ramsey Hart

Ramsey Hart

“The work of PBI resonates so strongly with me because it creates a space for local leaders to do the human rights and social development work that they, not us in the ‘north’, have identified as a priority.”

Gina Hill

Gina Hill

“Since discovering PBI, I have been happy to support the organization in its work to quite literally stand side by side with human rights defenders struggling to achieve their rights in the worst possible circumstances. PBI provides security and the political space needed to advance human rights where they are most lacking.”

Alex Neve

Alex Neve

“Peace Brigades brings courage, humanity and vigilance to the front lines of human rights violations and makes a real difference in the lives of women, men and young people working for equality and justice in their communities. It is that simple. It is that powerful. And it is so vitally important.”

Fraser Green

Fraser Green

“I give my time and money to Peace Brigades because I admire the courage of those who put themselves at risk to defend human rights. In my own small way, I want to contribute to a world where everyone has peace, security and a voice to create a truly civil and democratic society.”

Owen Campbell

Owen Campbell

“The amazing thing is that without PBI these workers would still be doing this work, but under what conditions? What is so vital about PBI is that it levels the playing field by opening up the political space around these local actors so that they can do their vital work without being threatened or intimidated.”

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