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“We would have had a lot of concerns [without your] accompaniment. [With it] we felt more secure as we engaged with this work.” (Norma Quintero, Mexico)

“I feel very safe when I’m with PBI, they are like my guardian angels. I really feel that daily accompaniment enables me to keep doing my job, I feel much calmer.” (Claudia Julieta Duque, Colombia)

Emergency Response Network
“When I received serious threats, there were many reactions at the international level and I feel that this happened thanks to the work done by PBI on my case.” (Omar Jeronimo, Guatemala)

“[PBI has] taken the lead to create advocacy channels, to remind human rights defenders that they can work with full confidence knowing that the global community is aware of the work they are doing and that they are ready to assist them or protect them in case there are any threats against them.” (Stephen Kinuthia Mwangi, Kenya)

Speaking tours
“It was trip full of learning, of shared experiences, and of strengthening networks.” (Donny Reyes, Honduras)

“Thank you so much. We feel very lucky and blessed to have friends like you, thank you for being with us at every step. Thank you so, so much.” (Zareen, Nepal)

Indigenous Rights
“PBI is a very important channel for defenders who fight for justice, indigenous peoples and natural resources.” (Luis Ramirez, Guatemala)

“Today, when we were participating in the session, I felt it was a workshop that could change lives.” (Indira Ghale, Indonesia)

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