PBI-Colombia accompanies Peace Community of San José de Apartadó as the Ministry of Interior visits

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On March 24, Franklin Castañeda tweeted: “From the Human Rights Directorate of the @MinInterior [Ministry of the Interior] we support the historic and genuine defense of the territory and peace of the @cdpsanjose [Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado]. What is expressed by [Colombian president] @petrogustavo and @Pontifex_es [Pope Francis]. honors the fight for life and sovereignty of the peace community of San José. On March 27, the national government will be in this territory, supporting the community and agreeing on actions that allow them to live with dignity and guarantees.”

Then on March 27, the Colombian Ministry of Interior tweeted: “After the two murders of members of the @cdpsanjose, our director @FranklinCastaV, together with other Government entities, visited this territory to hold a dialogue about the emergency they are going through, respecting the principle of rupture that the community has with the State.”

They add: “As a result of the meeting, from #MinInterior and @UAcuerdoPaz [the Peace Agreement Implementation Unit], we will form an inter-institutional table to review your requests and risk situations. This with the objective of proposing actions that guarantee their rights. More details in the following video.”


On the evening of March 27, Castañeda tweeted: “After the visit and within the framework of the 27th anniversary of the @cdpsanjose, we have decided that we will install an inter-institutional table that promotes risk prevention, following up on the orders of the @CorteIDH [Inter-American Court of Human Rights] and the commitments that the different entities acquired today. . Some of them: The request for environmental preservation of the territories inhabited by the community will be evaluated. Legal diagnoses of the properties will be carried out. A field inspection will be carried out on the mining titles. The possibility of carrying out an act of public forgiveness by the public force for historical acts of violence that this community has resisted will be sought.”

El Espectador video.

PBI-Colombia has accompanied the Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado since 1999. PBI-Colombia also accompanied Franklin Castañeda when he was the president of the Committee of Solidarity with Political Prisoners (CSPP).

We continue to follow this.

Further reading: PBI-Colombia accompanies the 27th anniversary of the Peace Community days after two members were murdered (March 26) and PBI-Colombia expresses its indignation over the murder of two members of the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó (March 20).

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