More than 130 Parliamentarians in the UK sign letter citing Canada in call to stop arms exports to Israel

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The Guardian reports: “A letter signed by more than 130 parliamentarians to the foreign secretary, David Cameron, highlights action taken by other countries, most recently Canada, which last week announced it would halt all arms exports to Israel.”

The article adds: “The letter, coordinated by the Labour Member of Parliament (MP) Zarah Sultana, was signed by 107 MPs and 27 peers including the former Labour Middle East minister Peter Hain, the Scottish National party’s Westminster leader, Stephen Flynn, the former shadow minister Jess Phillips, the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the Conservative peer Nosheena Mobarik.”

The complete letter, tweeted by MP Sultana, says: “Other countries are taking action. The most recent example of this is Canada, where last week the government announced it is halting arms sales to Israel.”

On March 18, the House of Commons passed a motion (in a 204 to 118 vote) that reads Canada will “cease the further authorization and transfer of arms exports to Israel to ensure compliance with Canada’s arms export regime and increase efforts to stop the illegal trade of arms, including to Hamas.”

The Palestine solidarity and anti-militarist movement is calling on Canada to do more to achieve a full arms embargo.

The article in The Guardian also highlights: “[The letter] says UK-made arms are being used in Gaza, noting a recent UN investigation that found an F-16 fighter jet made with UK parts was probably responsible for the bombing of British doctors in Gaza.”

Photo: An Israeli F-16 fighter jet, using British made equipment, is believed to have fired a missile at a residential compound in Gaza on January 18, 2024, injuring four British doctors and others in the attack.

Concerns about components in Israeli warplanes have also been raised in Canada. Kelsey Gallagher of Project Ploughshares has noted in “Fanning the Flames” that at least 110 Canadian-based suppliers have been awarded contracts for the F-35 program and that a study commissioned by Lockheed Martin in 2018 says there are US$2.3-million worth of Canadian components in every F-35 fighter jet.

Read The Maple.

We also note that following the motion in the House of Commons in Canada, 600 trade unionists blockaded major arms factories in England and Scotland.

MR Online reported: “[The blockades] follows the Canadian Government’s announcement last night that it will stop arms sales to Israel after a parliamentary motion was passed in the house of commons. Many are demanding the UK government do the same as well as supporting an immediate and permanent ceasefire.”


Peace Brigades International has called on the international community to suspend the supply of arms to Israel.

We continue to follow this.

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