PBI-Colombia accompanies dhColombia at trial of police officer accused of murdering Angie Baquero at protest

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On March 4, dhColombia tweeted:

Today in the judicial complex of Paloquemao, a public hearing is being held for the murder of Angie Paola Baquero Rojas on September 9, 2020, against Mr. Jorge Andrés Lasso Valencia, who served as a patrolman of the National Police….

And he would have fired his firearm against the population that was demonstrating.

We accompany the families and remember that more than 3 years have passed since the occurrence of the events, the horrible night of September 9, 2020, day in which at least 14 people were killed by the police.



El Espectador also reports:

“In the courts of Paloquemao, in Bogotá, the first criminal trial began against a uniformed member of the National Police for the 14 deaths attributed to the Public Force and registered during the protests of September 9, 2020, fueled by the brutal murder of student Javier Ordóñez in Bogotá.

Photo: Javier Ordóñez was killed by police in September 2020.

This is the case against active patrolman Jorge Andrés Lasso Valencia, accused of the alleged homicide of Angie Baquero, in the vicinity of the CAI [police station] Aures, in Suba.

Photo: Angie Baquero.

The prosecutor in the case presented the consolidated theory: Lasso Valencia would be responsible since the bullet found in Baquero’s body coincides with the weapon assigned to the same uniformed officer.

[Present in the courtroom was] the family of Angie Baquero, her ex-girlfriend Cindy Tatiana Contreras and the victim defense team made up of Dh Colombia and Temblores NGO. Peace Brigades International (PBI) and the UN Verification Mission also attended.”

The full article can be read at Inicia el primer juicio penal contra un policía por los homicidios del 9S (El Espectador).

PBI-Colombia has accompanied the Associated Network of Human Rights Defenders (dhColombia) since 2016.

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