PBI-Canada webinar on Gitxsan and Gitanyow Resistance to Colonial Mega Projects, March 5

Published by Brent Patterson on

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We know that settler colonialism aims to eliminate Indigeneity, either through incorporating Indigenous people into colonial structures, or forcing access to territory through injunctions and RCMP CIRG-sponsored terror.

And at the same time, Indigenous people continue to live their laws, practice collective governance structures that entwine communities with each other and the land, and renew spiritual relationships that defend the sacred.

On Tuesday, March 5th at 5.30PM PT, please join this hour-long webinar to hear Kolin Sutherland-Wilson, Tara Marsden, Kai Nagata and Maryam Adrangi speak on colonial projects facing Gitxsan and Gitanyow peoples:


We will try and get a sense of the details of new colonial mega-projects as we emerge into a more coercive post-TRC moment, even as we also try to highlight continued anti-colonial resistance and ways to expand and support it.

Lots to do in an hour; come check it out!!

– Seb Bonet, Peace Brigades International-Canada

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