What weapons did the RCMP C-IRG deploy against Indigenous land defenders on Wet’suwet’en territory on November 19, 2021?

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Image by Amber Bracken.

We have previously attempted to identify the weapons used by RCMP Community-Industry Response Group (C-IRG) officers when they raided Wet’suwet’en territory in November 2021. Specifically, we have tried to identify the weapons pointed at land defenders in a tiny house on the territory on November 19, 2021.

More information is now coming forward as the abuse of process case is heard in a court in Smithers, British Columbia.

The Tyee reports: “On Friday [January 12], the court heard from Cpl. Sebastien Pilote and Sgt. Ryan Arnold, who led the RCMP’s Emergency Response Team, or ERT, as they arrested people at the two structures on Nov. 19, 2021.”

That article continues: “[Arnold] said that RCMP snipers, carrying carbine assault rifles modified to make them more effective at longer distances, were present to provide ‘a quick response unit’ for officers making the arrests.”

It also notes: “Once the door [to the tiny house] was breached [with a chainsaw], Pilote stood in the doorway, pointing a rifle with a flashlight in the ‘ready position,’ which he testified meant a slightly lowered angle.”

The photograph at the top of this article by Amber Bracken, a photojournalist inside the tiny house, appears to show Cpl. Pilote pointing his gun inside the structure.

These screenshots from video posted by CBC from documentary filmmaker Michael Toledano shows us more of this weapon.

We had previously identified this as possibly the Heckler and Koch AG-C/EGLM (40 mm enhanced grenade launching module) that can be attached to any AR-15 type rifle, including the C8 carbine used by the RCMP.

Photo: Heckler & Koch AG-C/GLM.

It’s possible though that this weapon is a Heckler & Koch HK269 40 mm launcher (which may well just be a variant of the AG-C/GLM).

Image from Blue Line Magazine.

PAI Defense says: “The HK269 is an enhanced development of the GLM/M320 in calibre 40 mm x 46 (low velocity) with the option to unlock the barrel either towards the left or right. The interfaces to mount it on assault rifles and the option to use it as a stand-alone weapon remain unchanged. Application range of up to 350 metres. The HK269 is suitable for both lethal and non-lethal ammunition.”

Our initial assessment was that the weapon was mounted to a C8 carbine rifle, but it’s possible that it was deployed as a standalone weapon.

After Cpl. Pilote points his weapon inside the tiny house, the video by Toledano posted by CBC News shows a second C-IRG officer pointing his weapon inside the structure.

We continue to express our concern about the militarized response by RCMP C-IRG officers against Indigenous land defenders upholding their rights on unceded territory against the Coastal GasLink fracked gas pipeline.

We also continue to highlight that the United Nations Committee of the Elimination of Racial Discrimination urged Canada, prior to this November 2021 raid, to withdraw the RCMP from Wet’suwet’en traditional lands and “to prohibit the use of lethal weapons, notably by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, against indigenous peoples.”

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