PBI-Guatemala and PBI-Honduras now seeking field volunteers

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PBI-Guatemala has now posted: “We extend the call to January 28 to select volunteers who want to accompany human rights organizations!”

More information on this here.

And PBI-Honduras has posted: “Want to know more about volunteering at PBI Honduras? Read the call on our website and learn about the world behind volunteering at PBI here.”

Their application deadline is January 31.

We remain attentive to upcoming calls from PBI-Mexico (more at Become a Field Volunteer) and PBI-Colombia for field volunteers.

Last May, PBI-Colombia welcomed these three new field volunteers.

And when these PBI-Colombia field volunteers joined in late 2022, they stated: “We consider it an exceptional opportunity to accompany different farmer, indigenous and Afro-descendant organizations in their struggles with land rights issues, their pursuits of justice for victims of the conflict, and their work with families of forcibly disappeared persons. Parting from our own experiences, we connect with each other through our motivation to contribute to the construction of a fairer world and our desire to learn about the organizations that have been working towards the consolidation of a more just society for so many decades.”

Apply today! Help spread the word!

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