A call to support the #FairyCreek15 who face being sued by logging company Teal Cedar

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Still from Last Stand Legal Defence Fund video.

The Last Stand Legal Defence Fund fundraising page is asking for support for the Indigenous land defenders and climate and old-growth forest activists who face being sued by the Surrey, British Columbia-based logging company Teal Cedar.

The page explains: “In the wake of the frontline old-growth forest protests around Fairy Creek,  forest products company Teal Cedar has filed a civil lawsuit against Pacheedaht elder Bill Jones and 14 supporters for their role in advocating for the protection of old-growth forests in a down-spiralling climate and biodiversity crisis and for upholding Indigenous law and supporting an Indigenous Conserved and Protected Area (ICPA) of the last remaining old-growth forests on Pacheedaht territory.”

It adds: “The ‘Fairy Creek 15’ is now facing the daunting task of defending themselves against the high powered Teal Cedar lawyers. Vague allegations have been made against them causing financial damage to the company. Teal Cedar falsely alleges that these individuals conspired together to harm Teal Cedar’s business operations.”

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Instagram video and Facebook video: “Keith is among the #FAIRYCREEK15 – 15 land defenders currently being sued for alleged financial damages resulting from the Fairy Creek movement. He and 14 others are facing the daunting task of defending them selves against high priced corporate lawyers.”

Further reading: Teal Cedar Ltd. is going after leaders of the Fairy Creek blockades for millions in damages. Does Teal have a case? (Evergreen Alliance, December 3, 2023).

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