A celebration of the life of PBI co-founder Hans Sinn

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On the afternoon of September 24, Peace Brigades International-Canada was present in the small rural community of Brooke Valley, about an hour west of Ottawa, Canada, for a gathering to celebrate the life of PBI co-founder Hans Sinn.

Hans passed away on June 29 at 94 years of age.

Hans’ son Anthony (in the photo above) reminded those gathered to celebrate Hans’ life that his father would be the first to say that his work is not yet completed and that all of us can play a role in continuing to build a more peaceful world.

The legacy of Hans includes the accompaniment by PBI of human rights defenders in Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Kenya, Nepal, Indonesia, Nicaragua/Costa Rica and beyond. We continue to draw inspiration from Hans’ example of commitment, focus and determination to contribute to a better world.

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Photo: Hans Sinn meeting with Brent Patterson of PBI-Canada at Hans’ home near Perth, Ontario on September 4, 2019, the 38thanniversary of the founding of PBI.

For the author, this Facebook post by Hans just a few weeks before he passed away is humbling and deeply meaningful.


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