RCMP C-IRG conduct raid on Pacheedaht territory despite systemic investigation, calls for this unit to be suspended

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Still from video by Brandi Morin.

We draw the attention of the international community to the raid by the controversial Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Community-Industry Response Group (C-IRG) on Pacheedaht territory in British Columbia (BC), Canada.

Here are key reports from Ricochet Media, Ethan Cox and Brandi Morin:

1:12 pm. Ricochet Media: “BREAKING: The BC RCMP have launched a raid on an Indigenous-led blockade seeking to protect Old Growth in the #FairyCreek watershed. Award-winning journalists @Songstress28 [Brandi Morin] & @photobracken [Amber Bracken] are behind police lines to report from inside the raid.”

2:06 pm. Ricochet Media: “BREAKING: The raid on Savage Patch is over. The blockade is down. – Blockade & camp entirely removed using heavy machinery in ~1.5 hours. – *At least* three arrests. That number may grow. Brandi & Amber are following detainees to [the city of] Cowichan.”

2:12 pm. Ethan Cox: “During today’s raid at #FairyCreek Mounties once again tried to enforce a media exclusion zone, and threatened @Songstress28 [Brandi Morin] with arrest, before an Indigenous DLT [Division Liaison Team] officer stepped in. RCMP have no policy on media access, yet continue to disregard the courts & oversight advice.”

2:56 pm. Ricochet Media: “We should also note that Brandi was threatened with arrest, and the RCMP again tried to enforce a media exclusion zone that the courts have found to be unlawful.”

4:21 pm. Brandi Morin: “RCMP CIRG unit raided & dismantled the Savage Patch blockade to protect old growth forests from being logged this morning. Three land defenders arrested including Uncle Ricco, Cree Matriarch & two settler supporters. WATCH FULL 12 MIN COVERAGE ON MY INSTA @bmorinstories

4:23 pm. Brandi Morin: “All three land defenders arrested during RCMP CIRG Unit take down at Savage Patch resistance camp this morning were released without charges in [the town of] Lake Cowichan.”

4:33 pm. Brandi Morin: “RCMP SGT Charney grabbed me after him and others threatened me with arrest when I refused to follow their media exclusion zones during the CIRG Unit raid of the Savage Patch blockade against old growth logging. I did, however, inform them that I knew of my rights as a journalist & their exclusion zones are illegal.”

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This RCMP C-IRG raid took place even though this controversial unit is now under “systemic investigation” by the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (CRCC).

Earlier this year, CBC reported: “The RCMP’s federal watchdog agency [received] nearly 500 formal complaints about a unit tasked with policing resistance to major resource extraction projects in British Columbia. … Most of the complaints stem from [the C-IRG operations at Fairy Creek in 2021], with allegations about exclusion zones, unsafe protester extractions, arbitrary detention, excessive force, intrusive searches, aggression, destruction of property, dishonesty, neglect of duty and more.”

The Abolish C-IRG coalition has stated: “Given the nature of the complaints and substantial evidence supporting them, we argue for the suspension of all C-IRG deployment in BC pending investigation and resolution of all complaints currently before the CRCC. The CRCC reviews can take years to complete, and it is irresponsible to have this unit continue operations during that time, enabling the continuation of unlawful use of force, arrests, detentions, and assaults that have sparked such an investigation.”

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