PBI-Mexico accompanies Mother’s Day events as the situation of enforced disappearances continues

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On May 10, PBI-Mexico tweeted:

“In the framework of the commemoration of Mother’s Day, #PBI accompanies several groups throughout the country that denounce and seek answers to the serious situation of forced disappearance that Mexico is going through.

The Associated Press reports that there are “more than 112,000 names on Mexico’s list of disappeared people.” That article adds: “So far this year, 4,145 people have been reported as disappeared, according to government figures. While researchers and activists say the real number is likely far larger, the figure represents a more than 20% increase from the same period last year.”

Anadolu Agency adds: “According to investigations by journalists, disappearances in Mexico have risen sharply in the last 17 years. Following the War on Drugs in 2006, the government launched a military strategy that led to increased violence by criminal syndicates in Mexico and destabilized local governments, making them susceptible to corruption. From 2006 until 2022, the number of missing persons increased by 4,086%.”

That article also notes: “Unfortunately, mothers and activists are not immune to retaliation for reporting disappearances. Collectives and social groups have reported cases of harassment, threats and intimidation as they search for the disappeared. The government has reportedly granted protection measures for 120 members of groups searching for missing persons, including 89 women. Since 2021, seven mothers searching for their missing children have been murdered in Mexico.”


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