PBI-Honduras accompanies CEHPRODEC at capacity development sessions in Olancho

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On May 8, PBI-Honduras posted:

“Recently we were accompanying CEHPRODEC on a tour of capacity development sessions in the Olancho department.

In the first session, the organization met with young people addressing issues of awareness and environmental protection.

In the second, topics of nonverbal language and body expression were addressed with a network of communicators from the department.

We applaud CEHPRODEC’s commitment to the development of capacities, paying attention to young people, who will use today’s learning for the good present and future of the country.”

PBI-Honduras has previously highlighted: “CEHPRODEC was founded in 1991, with the aim of working on food and land sovereignty with families who live in rural areas of Honduras. Since 2009, the organisation has been focusing its work on the defence of human rights, in particular on economic, social, cultural and environmental rights. They offer technical and legal advice to indigenous and small-farming communities and facilitate organisational, training and protection processes. CEHPRODEC is present in eight of the 18 departments in the Republic of Honduras and coordinates the National Coalition of Environmental Networks and Organisations (Coalición Nacional de Redes y Organizaciones Ambientales – CONROA).”

PBI-Honduras has accompanied CEHPRODEC since May 2014.

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