PBI-Honduras accompanies National Union of Rural Workers (CNTC) on visit to campesina communities

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On April 26, PBI-Honduras posted:

“Last week we accompanied the CNTC [National Union of Rural Workers] Regional Progreso, to visit some peasant bases in the Guanchías sector. The bases, Nuevo Esfuerzo and Agua Blanca are in the process of recovering national lands with active procedures at the National Agrarian Institute.

Nuevo Esfuerzo is in great vulnerability and can only harvest in dry weather, as it is located in flooded lands of the Ulúa River and in the rainy months remains submerged in water, this makes them lose crops year after year and live in constant uncertainty of when the next full year will come.

The Agua Blanca Base is located on land that another peasant base ceded to them because it was idle land on which they already had title, but a company claims it as theirs. The base has had repeated security incidents in recent months.

We support the efforts of the CNTC Regional Progreso in continuing to form companies and peasant bases for the good use and distribution of land, with the ultimate goal of providing them with the food and livelihood necessary to have a dignified life.”

The Peace Brigades International-Honduras Project has accompanied the National Union of Rural Workers (CNTC) since May 2018.

The CNTC is affiliated with the Unified Confederation of Honduran Workers (CUTH) which in turn is affiliated with the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), along with 150+ labour organizations including the Canadian Labour Congress.

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