Breakfast action on Lkwungen territory calls for the abolition of the RCMP “community-industry response group” (C-IRG)

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Photo by Torrance Coste.

An “Abolish C-IRG” breakfast took place outside the provincial Ministry of Public Safety in Victoria on Lkwungen territory on the morning of March 30.


The Capital Daily reports: “About 100 people gathered Thursday morning in front of the offices of the Ministry of Public Safety for freshly cooked breakfast.”

The then article notes: “Community organizer and UVic student Kennedy Willier said that it is important to support Indigenous sovereignty and Indigenous-led movements, which are often the subject of C-IRG’s paramilitary-like policing.”

Molly Murphy

Capital Daily also highlights:

At the rally, Molly Murphy detailed her experiences of being arrested by C-IRG while participating in the Fairy Creek blockades.

“Media was pushed so far away that we knew there was no independent vision on what was going to happen to us that day,” Murphy recalled. “That was the day where they just basically beat the crap out of us.”

Murphy said that her memories of what happened to her that day are blurry from trauma. But she distinctively remembers the moment where a “200-pound-plus cop” dropped a knee into the back of her friend while she was face down in gravel.

“Her face changed from being angry to just excruciating agony,” she said. Attempts at finding justice and more information regarding their treatment by police have so far been unsuccessful, due to a lack of charges from the arrests that day, Murphy said.

Murphy said that her experience is minor compared to what’s happening up north in Wet’suwet’en territory.

“It’s a whole different caliber of aggression when they’re dealing with a much more Indigenous-led movement,” Murphy said. “There’s much more money involved in CGL compared to Teal Jones.”

Photo by Michael John Lo/Capital Daily.

Webinar on the C-IRG, April 16

To hear Molly Murphy and others speak more about their direct experiences with the C-IRG, join us on Sunday April 16 at 4 pm ET for a webinar titled: C-IRG violence against the frontlines. To register, click here.

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