PBI-Canada helps deliver Abolish CIRG coalition letter to the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission office in Ottawa

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Delivering the letter to the CRCC office in Ottawa, March 22.

An open letter to the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (CRCC) is calling for a suspension of Community-Industry Response Group (C-IRG) deployments during the CRCC’s systemic review of the controversial RCMP unit.

The letter comes from a coalition of impacted communities, lawyers, researchers, and non-profits, including Peace Brigades International-Canada.

The letter states: “The CRCC reviews can take years to complete, and it is irresponsible to have this unit continue operations during that time, enabling the continuation of unlawful use of force, arrests, detentions, and assaults that have sparked such an investigation.”

It also expresses concern that the “review fails to exercise the full investigative powers of the CRCC and its Terms of Reference weaken opportunities for accountability.”

It adds: “We note that the communities whose collective complaints informed the CRCC’s decision have all advocated for a public process that includes public hearings in affected communities.”

“The CRCC’s TOR [terms of reference] does not include any opportunity for affected communities to inform the process directly by giving evidence or commenting on the accuracy of the RCMP’s evidence or practices. The current TOR also does not explicitly reference the Commission’s powers to compel witnesses or to deal directly with the unlawful conduct of specific officers.”

And it notes: “This letter also comes in the wake of the news that the C-IRG could be receiving $36 million in funding in just a few weeks.”

The full letter can be read here

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Abolish CIRG webinar, April 16

We are also organizing a webinar on Sunday April 16 at 4 pm ET that will feature people who have experienced or witnessed C-IRG violence on the frontlines of struggles against resource extraction. To register for this webinar, please click here.

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