PBI-Colombia accompanies Nomadesc at political-cultural space to discuss the Amnesty International report ‘The Police Do Not Take Care Of Me’

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On March 14, PBI-Colombia tweeted:

“We accompanied @Nomadesc [Association for Social Research and Action] in Cali during the socialization of the report #ThePoliceDoNotTakeCareOfMe by @amnesty on cases of gender-based #policeviolence in #NationalStrike2021.”

The link shared leads to the Amnesty International report: Police do not take care of me: sexual and other gender-based violence in the 2021 National Strike.

That report “reveals repeated and widespread practices of violence against women, girls and LGBTI+ people, through the documentation of 28 cases among hundreds of complaints of gender-based violence that occurred during the National Strike in Colombia.”

In the promotion for this event, Nomadesc had also posted on Instagram:

“We are waiting for you this Thursday 9th of March to share a political-cultural space where we will address sexual and other gender-based violence compiled in the report #ThePoliceDONOTtakecareofme.”

Amnesty International summarizes that the report “documented cases of gender-based violence, including sexual violence, committed by National Police o­fficials, and in particular the ESMAD anti-riot squad, against demonstrators, mostly women.”

The 68-page report released in December 2022 concludes: “Amnesty International is adding its voice to the call of organizations that accompany survivors in these processes to request that the Attorney General’s O­ffice ensure that these investigations make progress and are guided by due diligence, e­fficiency and a victim-centred approach to guarantee survivors’ rights to truth, justice and comprehensive reparation.”

Among the recommendations listed on pages 62 to 67 of the report: “Ensure that investigations of the National Police officials, in particular ESMAD, make significant progress and that civil society can receive periodic reports on them.”

Last year, Peace Brigades International also told the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva that “the investigations into the abuses perpetrated by state and para-state actors in the context of the National Strike (accused of human rights violations during the protests, including homicides, sexual violence, eye injuries and forced disappearances) lack adequate progress.”

We highlight at this time the statement from Global Affairs Canada on July 14, 2021, following the meeting between Marc Garneau, then Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Colombia’s then Vice President Marta Lucía Ramírez.

That statement reads: “[Minister Garneau] called on Colombia to keep its commitment to fully investigate and hold anyone who has violated human rights to account for their actions. They also discussed efforts to increase protection for vulnerable groups.”

The Peace Brigades International-Colombia Project has accompanied Nomadesc since 2011 and its president Berenice Celeita since 1999.



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