PBI-Canada interview with Oscar Ramirez of the CSPP on dismantling the ESMAD riot police in Colombia

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The Peace Brigades International-Colombia Project accompanies the Committee of Solidarity with Political Prisoners (CSPP) led by Oscar Ramirez. We sat down with Oscar today via Zoom and asked him about the ESMAD, the controversial Colombian police mobile anti-riot squad that has been implicated in multiple human rights violations.

To listen to the full 46-minute interview with Oscar, click here.

In addition, these are short 1-minute clips of Oscar’s responses to our questions:

1- What is the ESMAD, when was is set up, what is their basic role or function?

2- Can you tell us why the CSPP took the position that the ESMAD should be dismantled?

3- Gustavo Petro as a candidate promised to dismantle the ESMAD. Now he is the president of Colombia. Can you tell us the status of his promise?

4- The National Police have seemingly suggested that the uniforms and trucks of the ESMAD could change in colour from black to white. How do you respond to this?

5- Are you hopeful/is it realistic to think that the ESMAD could be dismantled within the four year term of the Petro government?

7- Do you think abolition of the Colombian police at some future date might be possible?

8- Has international solidarity in support of popular calls for the dismantling of the ESMAD been useful?

To listen to the full interview, click here.

For more on the Committee for Solidarity with Political Prisoners (CSPP), which is recognized nationally and internationally for being the longest-running human rights organization in Colombia, please see this PBI-Colombia webpage.

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