PBI-Colombia notes AGC paramilitary pamphlet that threatens the ACVC, CREDHOS and CSPP

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On January 28, PBI-Colombia tweeted: “In a pamphlet circulating through social networks dated January 27, signed by the AGC [the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia/Gulf Clan paramilitary], ‘directors and representatives’ of various organizations #MagdalenaMedio including @ACVCRAN @Credhos_Paz @CSPP_ are declared a military objective. Investigations and guarantees are urgent”

PBI-Colombia accompanies ACVC (Small-Scale Farmer Association of the Cimitarra River Valley), CREDHOS (Regional Corporation for the Defence of Human Rights) and the CSPP (Committee of Solidarity with Political Prisoners).

ACVC has tweeted: “We reject threats to our organization by the paramilitary group AUTODEFENSAS GAITANISTAS.”

And the CSPP has tweeted: “The threats against our members continue. After the pamphlet, photos of our headquarters and its members arrived at their phone numbers.”

The ACVC has also posted:

“[We] reject any act that threatens life, social and community organization and the construction of peace in the territories.

Faced with this threatening situation, we demand:

1-To the competent authorities to investigate and find those responsible for the pamphlet that circulates through social networks dated January 27…

2-The Colombian state to fulfill its constitutional duty to provide all guarantees and immediately implement sufficient protection measures for threatened social and popular leaders who fight tirelessly for peace and our communities.

3-To adopt, as a matter of urgency, sufficient protection measures for the collective of our peasant social organization.

4-We alert the international community to the imminent danger against the members of our peasant organization and the social leaders of the region.”

We continue to follow this situation.

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