PBI-Guatemala accompanies the Human Rights Law Firm at hearing for Enrique Cifuentes de la Cruz accused in #CasoDiarioMilitar

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On January 13, PBI-Guatemala posted:

“#PBI accompanies the Human Rights Law Firm to the hearing of the review of coercion measures of the accused Enrique Cifuentes de la Cruz in #CasoDiarioMilitar.”

Enrique Cifuentes de la Cruz was a specialist sergeant of the Presidential General Staff (EMP).

WOLA has explained that the intelligence and operations unit of the EMP was known as El Archivo which “inspires terror among Guatemalans, as it awakens memories of clandestine intelligence operations against political dissidents with whom they were kidnapped from their homes, workplaces or on the streets, to be taken to detention centers. secret places where they were interrogated and tortured, and then executed or forcibly disappeared.”

Prensa Comunitaria has explained: “The Military Diary reports more than 195 victims. It contains 183 specific files, with the details of their capture, the place of the event and what happened later with each one of them.”

Those accused face charges for illegal detention, torture, forced disappearance, murder, extra-judicial execution, sexual violence and crimes against humanity.

On May 11, 2022, the Associated Press reported: “A Guatemala judge who last week ordered nine former police and military officers to stand trial for alleged crimes during that country’s civil war, said Wednesday [May 11] that death threats against him had increased since announcing his decision.”

Judge Miguel Ángel Gálvez says: “They send me messages, they call me on the phone, there’s vehicles following; all of that is happening.”

He left Guatemala on November 4, 2022.

PBI-Guatemala has been accompanying the #CasoDiarioMilitar court hearing process that began in May-June 2021.

Photo by El Pais.

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