PBI-Guatemala accompanies Human Rights Law Firm (BDH) at hearing for former Army specialist accused in #CasoDiarioMilitar

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On January 6, PBI-Guatemala posted:

“PBI accompanies the Human Rights Law Firm at the hearing in the #CasoDiarioMilitar for the review of coercive measures against Rone René Lara, Sergeant Major Specialist of the General Archive and the retired Presidential Major Staff Support Service. Because the defense attorney failed to carry the complete required documentation, the hearing was suspended.”


Prensa Comunitaria also tweeted:

The lawyer for former army specialist Rone René Lara argues that due to his client’s advanced age and his suffering from senile dementia, he does not represent a flight risk. He requests that he be granted a special benefit due to his condition of vulnerability.

The lawyer requests that the ex-soldier, linked to crimes against humanity, be granted: house arrest, obligation not to leave the country and sign the book once a month. In addition, analyze a possible financial surety.

The Public Ministry argues that Rone René Lara should be evaluated by doctors, to determine if he really has a condition. It considers it inappropriate to grant substitute measures.

The representative of the @PDHgt [National Institute of Forensic Sciences of Guatemala] joins the request of the [Public Ministry] for Rone René Lara to be evaluated by [the National Institute of Forensic Sciences of Guatemala] INACIF, while the [Mutual Support Group] recalls the crimes committed against 195 people and points out that there are reasonable indications about Lara’s involvement.

Rone René Lara, known as ‘el carnitas’, was a specialist sergeant major in the Guatemalan army. He was accused of attempted murder and crimes against the duties of humanity to the detriment of Álvaro René Sosa Ramos.

The Diario Militar reports more than 195 victims. It contains 183 specific files, with the details of their capture, the place of the event and what happened later with each one of them. Lara would have participated in these crimes.

Judge Rudy Bautista declares inadmissible the request made by the defender of Rone René Lara. When your health reports are available, they can be analyzed again. For now, she considers that the circumstances have not changed and that there is a risk of flight.

FAMDEGUA also tweeted: “Judge Rudy Bautista resolves: NO PLACE to what was requested by the defense attorney regarding the granting of alternative preventive detention measures of a humanitarian nature and vulnerability in favor of Rone René Lara alias ‘El Carnitas’.”

Verdad Justicia similarly tweeted: “Judge Rudy Bautista DENIES alternative measure to Rone René Lara, sent to trial for crimes against humanity duties and attempted murder in the absence of evidence that the original circumstances have changed.”

PBI-Guatemala has been accompanying the #CasoDiarioMilitar court hearing process that began in May-June 2021.

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