Salvemos los Cerros de Chihuahua raises concerns about Canadian mining company in the Samalayuca dunes of Mexico

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Photo: A bulldozer clears the area for the drill pad. Photo by VVC Exploration Corporation.

On December 17, Salvemos los Cerros (Save the Hills) of Chihuahua tweeted:

“ALERT: the Canadian mining company that puts the dunes, mountains and petroglyphs of Samalayuca at risk is still in force #SalvemosSamalayuca.”

They have also posted on Facebook:

“Samalayuca is a beautiful place. It has the dunes and a mountain full of ancient petroglyphs that forms part of our cultural identity and our history.”

“Samalayuca is once again in danger. The mine that should have been cancelled is still active.”

These posts refer to the Scarborough, Ontario-based VVC Exploration ‘La Gloria’ copper mine in the Samalayuca desert.

The town of Samalayuca is situated about 40 kilometres south of Ciudad Juárez.

On May 4, 2022, YoCiudadano reported: “This weekend various activities will be carried out within the framework of the Second Meeting of the Frente Amplio Ambiental del Norte (FAAN) to continue with the efforts that seek to protect the environment, the territory and water.”

“The program indicates that the research “Socio-environmental and territorial conflicts in the framework of neo-extractivism. Case study: La Gloria mine in Samalayuca, Chihuahua (2009-2011)”, by Pablo Chavarría.”

“They expect to have the presence of specialists in environmental issues, representatives of civil society organizations and members of local environmental groups and the city of Chihuahua such as Save the Hills of Chihuahua and Keyah.”

The article adds: “FAAN maintains a permanent struggle against the opening of the La Gloria mine in the Sierra de Samalayuca, promoted by the company Samalayuca Cobre S.A. de C.V. and financed by the Canadian company VVC Exploration Corporation.”

Borderzine has also reported that the area was granted ‘natural protected area’ status by a presidential decree in 2009. Then in 2015 the National Protected Area Plan was amended to allow for the mining of copper, gold and silver. And by 2017, the company had begun exploration and extraction of copper from the area for material testing.

The company’s website notes: “Gloria, a copper project in Northern Mexico, is VVC’s main property and copper focus project.”

And this document on their website indicates: “VVC’s objective is to establish an Open Pit Pilot Mine and Copper Recovery Facility at the site.”

Salvemos los Cerros

You can find Salvemos los Cerros de Chihuahua on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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