Indigenous activists continue to call for the Brady Road landfill to be closed to search for remains of murdered women

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Video still from APTN News.

CTV reports: “The federal government will support an Indigenous-led study looking into the feasibility of searching Winnipeg-area landfills for the remains of missing women, the city’s mayor [Scott Gillingham] announced Thursday [December 15].”

It is believed that the remains of murder victims Marcedes Myran, 26, Morgan Harris, 39, and other missing Indigenous women are in the city’s two landfills, the privately-run Prairie Green landfill and the City-owned Brady Road landfill.

Morgan Harris, Marcedes Myran.

The article adds: “Operations at Prairie Green Landfill … have been put on pause while next steps are discussed regarding a search of the facility.”

“Hours after the announcement made by Gillingham that the feds will fund the feasibility study, demonstrators converged on Winnipeg City Hall calling on the city to close Brady Road Landfill ahead of any search for other missing Indigenous women.”

Melissa Normand says: “Shutting down Prairie Green is only half of the job. We know that there’s other women at Brady, so why are we still allowing dumping to be going on over there? Why are we still allowing our city to throw garbage on our women?”

Elle Harris, Morgan’s daughter, says: “They don’t give a shit about us, they don’t!”

She doesn’t believe that the feasibility study will lead to a search of the landfill. She also says that if the women were white the search would already be underway.

CTV adds: “Demonstrators have been blocking access to the landfill and plan to continue doing so until it’s shut down.”

Further reading: Indigenous rights defenders at landfills in Winnipeg as police refuse to search for the bodies of murdered Indigenous women (December 12).

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