PBI-Canada webinar with FEDEPESAN and CREDHOS on defending the San Silvestre wetlands

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Thank you to Javier Garate of PBI-Colombia who tweeted key quotes from today’s webinar on Defending the San Silvestre wetlands in Barrancabermeja.

PBI-Colombia tweeted:

Oswaldo Beltrán says that previously the Ciénaga San Silvestre was full of flora and fauna and that today they are affected by the oil farmers, this means that they no longer find varieties of fish that were the source of their survival

Yuli Velasquez: “I am the orphaned daughter of a fisherman father who was murdered and since I was a child I have carried in my blood what my grandparents taught me to preserve the river”

Yuli Velasquez: “We began to discover discharges of hydrocarbons and sludge in the Ciénaga de San Silvestre, which is why FEDEPESAN was born to work collectively and denounce the contamination of the Ciénaga”

Yuli Velasquez: “After the complaints we have suffered threats and attacks, I have received three attacks. What they want in Barrancabermeja is that we stop denouncing. But thank God we have found the support of @Credhos_Paz and PBI”

Juan Camilo Delgado: “I would like to start by mentioning and commemorating the work of our comrade Filadelfo Anzola who was assassinated yesterday by two armed men in San Pablo. Fildadelfo was part of the human rights commission of @Credhos_Paz

Juan Camilo Delgado: “The Magdalena Medio region has been a laboratory zone for war but also for the extractivist industry”

Juan Camilo Delgado: “It is no coincidence that the JEP opens an investigation within Macro Case 08 on economic interests and with the aim of debunking who was behind the armed actors in the region”

Oswaldo Beltrán: “We ask international entities to collaborate with us, because the authorities here do not support us”

Yuli Velasquez: “Here the one who denounces finds death, because here there are many interests of the companies that have contracts with the administrations”

Yuli Velasquez: “We no longer feel alone because the international community accompanies us and thanks to @Credhos_Paz for all their accompaniment in the defense of the Ciénaga de San Silvestre”

Juan Camilo Delgado: “Faced with #COP15 it is time to be realistic, because the objectives set 10 years ago have not been met and #COP15 must address structural issues on lifestyles worldwide”

To watch the video of the webinar (mostly in Spanish), please click here.

For more on this situation, please see our article: Learn about the threats to the San Silvestre wetlands and its protectors, December 7.

Photos from FEDEPESAN, CREDHOS, PBI-Colombia and PBI-Canada visit to the San Silvestre wetlands, June 30, 2022.


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