El Espectador: “The legal dispute between a community and a [Canadian] oil company in the heart of Casanare”

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On November 10, PBI-Colombia tweeted:

#COP27 Example of #ClimateChange in #Colombia: “They left destruction when they had offered well-being” in the most dangerous country for environmental defense. Case accompanied by @CSPP_ [the Committee for Solidarity with Political Prisoners] @CospaccOficial [the Social Corporation for Community Advice and Training] shows due diligence law urgency @CanadayColombia [the Embassy of Canada in Colombia]

El Espectador reports: “In San Luis de Palenque, Casanare, there is a dispute between the oil company Frontera Energy and a group of social leaders over the maintenance of a property that was worked by the company until 2015.”

“While part of the community accuses the company of bad environmental and social practices, Frontera assures that they have everything in order and that they are in the process of leaving the property in the best conditions.”

It adds: “This is a special report from Colombia+20 by El Espectador and Noticias Caracol with the backing of the German Embassy. The reporting in the territory was accompanied by Somos Defensores.”

To watch the 8-minute video report (in Spanish) click here.

On July 1, PBI-Canada visited San Luis de Palenque and met with the defenders featured in this El Espectador report. Then on October 11, we held a webinar in which they further highlighted their experiences with Frontera Energy.

To watch that webinar, click here.

We continue to follow this situation with concern.

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