PBI-Canada co-hosts field volunteer/brigadista outreach webinar

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Video of PBI field volunteer outreach webinar.

PBI-Canada in collaboration with PBI-UK, PBI-USA, PBI-Netherlands and PBI-Mexico organized a volunteer outreach webinar on October 23.

It featured:

Clara van Tienhoven Amil: a former field volunteer with PBI in Mexico now Volunteer Coordinator with PBI’s team in Mexico City.

Duna Manent Puigjaner: the Training Coordinator with PBI-Mexico.

Roslynn Beighton: a recently returned from volunteering with PBI in Honduras.

And it was moderated by Andrew Miller, a PBI-Colombia field volunteer in 1999-2000 who is now a member of the PBI-USA national coordinating committee.

58 people registered for this webinar! And there have already been 80 views of the video of the webinar!

Some excerpts include:

“You get a chance to learn so much – it’s one of the most rewarding things. There’s a huge diversity of work, one week you’re in the field and the next you’re writing reports.” – Clara

“A day in the field is never the same – you’re constantly meeting with different people and organizations.” – Roslynn

“Most of our volunteers do come from Spain, or Latin America, right now Colombia is one of our top nationalities. We currently have volunteers from France, Hungary, Brazil, the Netherlands and also the United States.” – Duna

PBI-Mexico is currently seeking field volunteers. To apply prior to October 28 (now extended to November 11), please click here. PBI-Colombia is also seeking volunteers. Their deadline is November 27. More on that here.

To watch the video of the webinar, click here.


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