PBI-Honduras meets with the National Union of Rural Workers (CNTC) on agrarian reform, evictions and criminalization

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On October 21 PBI-Honduras tweeted:

“We met with members of the @CntcTegucigalpa [National Union of Rural Workers] who shared with us about the progress in the functioning of the National Agrarian Institute and about their concerns regarding several recent evictions in #Atlántida and #Colón.”

On Facebook, PBI-Honduras adds:

We met with members of the national board of the National Center for Field Workers CNTC Tegucigalpa organization accompanied since 2018.

They shared with us about advances regarding the operation of the National Agrarian Institute (INA) and the important role this institution can play in carrying out an Agricultural Reform that benefits the small peasants.

On the other hand, the CNTC warns about various evictions and criminalization processes that create obstacles to the defense of the land, particularly in the departments of Atlántida and Colón.

PBI-Honduras has also explained:

The CNTC, created in 1985, is a small-scale farming and trade union organization, which fights for the distribution of land. It is affiliated to the Unitary Confederation of Honduran Workers (Confederación Unitaria de Trabajadores de Honduras – CUTH) and is part of the Vía Campesina.

Its aim is to support affiliated small-scale farming families so that they have access to land and resources and can carry out productive agricultural, fishing, forestry and agro-industrial activities, contributing to their social and economic development.

Photo: Franklin Almendares, General Secretary, National Union of Rural Workers (CNTC).


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