PBI-Colombia accompanies CJL at meetings with United Nations in New York, members of Congress in Washington

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On October 10, PBI-Colombia tweeted:

“We start tour with @CorpoJuridicaLi [Corporation for Judicial Freedom] in New York with dialogues with Missions of @un_council [UN Security Council], presenting proposals from civil society before the challenges and opportunities facing the implementation of the Peace Agreement and the new opportunities for peace in #Colombia.”

Then on October 11, PBI-Colombia tweeted:

“We continue our tour in New York with @CorpoJuridicaLi and @UN_Claretians [a religious congregation of the Catholic Church]. On the eve of the Security Council session on Colombia, we held meetings expressing that peace must be built from the territories and listening to the communities and civil society.”

And on October 12, PBI-Colombia tweeted:

“Communiqué of the @CorpoJuridicaLi and @UN_Claretians during the advocacy tour in New York, in the framework of the UN Security Council Session on Colombia. In the meetings of the tour, the challenges and opportunities for peace in Colombia were presented @MisionONUCol [UN Verification Mission in Colombia].”

The communiqué states:

Within the framework of the advocacy tour, in New York from October 10 to 12, 2022, the Corporation for Judicial Freedom – CJL, an NGO that is part of the Colombia-Europe United States Coordination and PROCLADE International [a non-governmental organization promoted by the Claretian Missionaries], have been received by the Colombian Mission to the UN, as well as by several Security Council Missions; as well as UN officials and representatives of civil society in NY, to talk about the implementation of the Peace Agreement, the challenges and opportunities brought by the new political context of the country and the role of social organizations.

In each meeting, the Colombian delegation has spoken about the current humanitarian and human rights crisis that many of Colombia’s regions are going through, as well as the lack of guarantees for the work of leaders and to protect the lives of former FARC combatants, all this due to the failure of the previous national government to fully implement the Peace Agreement. This reality, which continues to affect mainly ethnic and peasant communities, differs from the view of some sectors of the international community, which consider Colombia a successful experience of peace worldwide.

The following day, October 13, PBI-Colombia also tweeted:

“After meetings in NY for the #UNSC session, we arrived in Washington to speak with congressmen about the importance of regional humanitarian agreements and an active participation of civil society in the emergency plan for the protection of social leaders.”

PBI-Colombia has accompanied the Corporation for Judicial Freedom since 2000.

PBI-Colombia with CJL Founder Elkin Ramírez.

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