PBI-Colombia accompanies CREDHOS at meeting with Director of Human Rights of the Ministry of the Interior

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On September 14, CREDHOS tweeted:

“CREDHOS [Regional Corporation for the Defence of Human Rights], FAPUMUCAN, FEDEPESAN [Federation of Santander Fishers for Tourism and Environment], and ASOVIMAG [Organization of Victims of Magdalena Medio] talk with the Director of Human Rights of the Ministry of the Interior [Franklin Castañeda] about the situation of Human Rights and the risks that communities and social leaders are experiencing today.

The organizations request the urgent installation of the territorial table of guarantees and the installation of the PMUV [Puestos de Mando Unificado por la Vida/Command Posts Unified for Life] in the Magdalena Medio region.”

Infobae has explained: “PMUVs are installed as a tool so that mayors and local governments can respond with humanitarian and non-military actions. …This is the strategy that the National Government has implemented in 65 municipalities of the country through the external circular of September 3, 2022, where powers are given to local leaders to request, if necessary, help from the Public Force or government and State institutions in order to preserve security [including the safety of human rights defenders] and public order.”

Two weeks ago, El Colombiano reported:

“As part of President Gustavo Petro’s visit to the municipality of Ituango, north of Antioquia, a new name was announced that will make up his cabinet.

This is Franklin Castañeda, who will assume the Human Rights Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior.

Castañeda had been serving as president of the Committee of Solidarity with Political Prisoners (CSPP) and was the winner of the 2020 National Human Rights Award.

The CSPP, it is worth mentioning, was founded in 1973, being the first human rights organization in the country.”

PBI-Colombia has accompanied the CSPP since 1998 and CREDHOS since 1994.


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