Mi’kmaw Elder Darlene Gilbert arrested while protecting Eisner Cove Wetland on unceded Mi’kmaq territory in Nova Scotia

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On September 6, Elliot Page posted on Instagram:

“Came to support Protect Eisner Cove Wetland and witnessed Darlene Gilbert of the Grassroots Grandmothers being arrested for protecting her rights and the land. Just like she did in our documentary “There’s Something in the Water”. @nsgov continues with back room deals at the expense of the environment and Indigenous rights. @protecteisnerwetland.”

Sakura Saunders has also posted on Facebook:

“A Mi’kmaw elder (Darlene Gilbert) and two other people were arrested at the Eisner Cove Wetland protest today around 8am. We have been waiting all day for their release and are now calling on others to join us at the Gottingen Police Station until they are released!”

The fund to contribute to help with her legal costs, healing and recovery is here.

It notes: “Thunderbird Swooping Down Woman (Darlene Gilbert) is a Mi’kmaw Elder, grandmother, survivor and water protector. She has devoted almost all her time and energy to caring for her community. Teaching, leading, feeding, gathering.”

It further notes: “Supposed offenses include refusing to give her colonial name, and pointing an eagle feather at a cop who was attempting to remove her.”

Comments on the Protect Eisner Wetland Facebook page highlight that the work is being done on unceded Mi’kmaq territory without prior consultation.

Another post highlights: “Darlene Gilbert, Mi’kmaw grandmother: ‘Show me the deed to my land and I’ll go.’”

CTV reports: “Protesters clashed with police over a housing development being built in the area. The group says the wetland is a possible home to at-risk species, such as wood turtles, black ash trees and bats, and is calling for the housing development to be built in another part of the city.”

Halifax.ca adds: “A 45-year-old man, a 41-year-old man, a 27-year-old man and a 57-year-old woman are scheduled to appear in Dartmouth Provincial Court to face one count each of obstruction. The 57-year-old woman is also facing charges of assaulting an officer.”

We continue to follow this.

Photo by Carl Pomeroy/CTV Atlantic.

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