PBI-Colombia signs joint letter to President Petro and Vice-President Marquez on the situation of human rights defenders

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On August 10, PBI-Colombia tweeted:

“Colombian and international organizations present a letter to the President @petrogustavo and Vice President @FranciaMarquezM with 3 recommendations so that in the first 100 days they attend to the situation of defenders who have suffered systematic violations that continue in impunity.”

The letter can be read in full in English on the Protection International website here.

Infobae also reports:

On Wednesday, August 10, several social organizations sent President Petro and Vice President, Francia Márquez , a letter in which, in addition to congratulating them for forming the first progressive government in the history of Colombia, they warned of the serious risk that leaders, social leaders and human rights defenders run in certain areas of the country.

In the letter, the signatory national and international organizations admit that this new government “offers a new opportunity, hard won, to confront the numerous attacks faced by human rights defenders and those who exercise social leadership.”

Likewise, they indicated that in the next four years there should be a protection mechanism for leaders in the territories since the outlook is not encouraging.

They proposed three recommendations so that the government of Petro and Márquez Mina mitigate the escalation of violence not only against this population, but also against former FARC combatants in their first 100 days.

1- The first is re-establish all spaces for dialogue with civil society, especially with those who exercise social leadership, in addition to reactivating the National Guarantees Process that was in charge of the Ministry of the Interior, as well as its 20 territorial processes.

2- The second proposal —also mentioned by the president on the day of his inauguration— is implement the provisions of the Peace Agreement that are specifically related to the defense of human rights. At this point, the NGOs ask to develop a policy for the dismantling of illegal armed groups with the support of various institutional agencies, such as the Special Investigation Unit of the Prosecutor’s Office and the National Guarantees Commission.

They also ask Petro and Márquez to resume work in the National Peace Council and to fully implement the recommendations contained in the Final Report of the Truth Commission.

3- The third request has to do with the accumulated and existing national and international commitments for the defense of human rights.

In that section, they mention that there is an international framework for the protection of leaders, such as the recent reports issued by the UN special rapporteur on human rights defenders and the recommendations made by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and the decision issued by the Superior Court of Bogotá whereas a result of a guardianship, it is requested to ensure the protection of this population.

The full article can be read at: Las recomendaciones para atender crisis de líderes sociales en 100 días del gobierno Petro y Márquez

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