PBI-Honduras accompanies LGBTI+ Pride mobilization in San Pedro Sula

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On August 2, PBI-Honduras tweeted:

“PBI accompanies @arcoirisghn [the LGTB Rainbow Association of Honduras] at the LGBTI+ Pride mobilization in San Pedro Sula. We highlight the work of those who make up the organization, which for the last 19 years has been dedicated to the defense of the human rights of the LGTBI+ community in #Honduras.”

La Tribuna further reports:

“With the cry “presence and struggle, they will not silence us”, the LGTBIQ + community celebrated with a parade the month of gay pride this weekend in San Pedro Sula.

The official commemoration is in June, but the leaders usually celebrate it in July since the coup d’état of 2009, explained Deputy Victor Grajeda, one of the organizers of the parade.

During the tour, the community recalled the murder of 450 members in the last ten years and whose crimes, for the most part, remain in impunity.

The parade was accompanied by floats and choreographic groups along the third avenue of the industrial city, with the governor of Cortés, Alexa Solórzano, as marshal.

Grajeda stressed the need to advance in respect for sexual diversity and eradicate once and for all all types of discrimination in the country.”

The full article is at “No nos callarán”: comunidad LGTBIQ+.

PBI-Honduras has accompanied Arcoiris since July 2015.

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