PBI-Mexico meets with the State Human Rights Commission in Michoacán to promote the protection of human rights defenders

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On June 22, Quadritin reported:

“The State Human Rights Commission (CEDH) in Michoacán and Peace Brigades International (PBI), held a meeting to strengthen ties of institutional support in actions of promotion and diffusion, that allow to contribute to generate a culture of peace in Michoacán.

Through a statement it was reported that in this approach with the Michoacan Ombudsperson, information was provided on the actions to promote peace and protection of human rights defenders by the international, non-governmental organization.

Similarly, on the part of the CEDH, the guiding axes and the 13 human rights agendas were presented, on which the Institutional Plan focuses, which encompasses the groups in a situation of priority attention; and, from which institutional links for the protection and defense of human rights are strengthened.”

The full article in Quadratin can be read at Buscan CEDH Michoacán y Brigadas Internacionales promover acciones de paz.

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