PBI-Colombia urges protection for environmental defenders after armed attack against FEDEPESAN

Published by Brent Patterson on

PBI-Colombia has posted on Instagram:

“On May 31, 2022, leaders of the Federation of Artisanal, Environmental and Tourist Fishermen of the Department of Santander (FEDEPESAN) were victims of an attack with firearms while monitoring environmental damage, in the river sector where the pipes are interconnected Rosario, Palotal and San Silvestre, in #Barrancabermeja.

On the boat were members and members of the Board of Directors of Fedepesán and Yuly Velásquez, president of the organization, who already suffered a serious attack in #Barrancabermeja in January 2021 and has protection measures from the UNP.

The leaders of #FEDEPESAN affirm that, despite the attacks, threats and harassment by the Armed Groups, they will continue fighting for their permanence in the territory and defending their swamps, streams and rivers since they are an essential part of their lives as artisanal fishermen.

#PBI accompanies @credhos_paz who issued #Urgent Action for worrying attack against #Fedepesan.

SOS Urge protection guarantees for environmental defenders #magdalenamedio.”

The Urgent Action from CREDHOS can be read here.



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