PBI-Guatemala observes delivery of Biodiversity and Ancestral Knowledge Law in opposition to genetically modified seeds

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On May 31, PBI-Guatemala posted:

“Today we observed the presentation and delivery of the initiative of the Biodiversity and Ancestral Knowledge Law in the congress by the Ancestral Authorities of Guatemala. Hundreds of indigenous authorities, community leaders and representatives of social organizations witnessed the public act. #LawOfThePeople.”

El Periodico further reports:

“Indigenous peoples arrived this morning at the Congress of the Republic to ask for the approval of the Law on Biodiversity and Ancestral Knowledge, in addition to other requests as an ancestral community. In the place, the ancestral leaders carried out a Mayan ceremony and asked the congressmen to know the bill that seeks to defend the biodiversity and food sovereignty of the peoples.”

Noticias Sololá also explains:

“The initiative of the ‘Biodiversity and Ancestral Knowledge’ bill [will be presented before Congress], where it is indicated that any agreement or law that intends to enter modified seeds will be ineffective. …[It is in response to the] ‘Customs Regulation of Modified Living Organisms’, in which it is allowed at the customs the entry of all kinds of seeds that come to harm native seeds.”

And Soy 502 notes:

According to the demonstrators, since the Monsanto Law was approved in 2014, native seeds are at risk, so in 2021 a dialogue table was created with several social sectors and deputies in which it was agreed to elaborate the initiative of law on biodiversity and ancestral knowledge, which was presented this Tuesday in the Legislative Directorate.

“The proposed law seeks to defend biodiversity and ancestral knowledge from the extractive model, looting, dispossession of companies and corrupt politicians, it also states that the use of ancestral knowledge should be for the benefit of indigenous peoples and humanity,” they said in a statement.

It also establishes prohibitions and sanctions regarding the import and commercialization of Living Genetically Modified Organisms, better known as transgenics, since they can cause prejudice to native seeds, so it is required that it be known as soon as possible.

REDSAG also posted this video of the invocation before the delivery.

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