PBI-Mexico accompanies conclusion of the 34-day Caravan for Water and Life in the Nahuatl community of Cuentepec, Morelos

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On April 23, PBI-Mexico tweeted:

“PBI accompanies the end of the Caravan for Water and Life, on April 23 and 24, in the Nahuatl community of Cuentepec, in Morelos. It is the outcome of a month of articulation of struggles in defense of land, territory and the environment in 9 states of the country.”

Communiqué of the Caravan for Life and Water

The communiqué of the caravan was posted several days later. Key excerpts from that statement include:

The Caravan for Water and Life ends its journey today in the Zapatista lands of Cuentepec, Morelos.

For 34 days we visited our sisters, brothers, and siblings of the Tutunaku, Nahua, Otomí (ñhöñhö), Mazateco, Triqui, Zapoteco, Binizaa, Matlatzinca, Nuntaj iyi, Ayuujk peoples for whom water and land are sacred, who give their very lives to defend and recover what belongs to them.

We knew the pains of the others are the same as ours: contempt, repression, dispossession, and exploitation are the forms in which the war that capitalism imposes around the world manifests to all of us.

We went out to look for ourselves in other geographies, to witness other rages and other rebellions, because we are aware that only with the union of the peoples will we have the necessary strength to defeat this murderous system.

We transgressed the borders that have been imposed on us, we broke the fences, we united and weaved our struggles.

We exposed the voracity of capitalism and its innumerable names:

Mining, water exploitation, real estate, gentrification, contamination of land, air, rivers, and seas, dispossession of territory, transnational mega-projects, assassinations of environmentalists, imprisonments, disappearances, drug trafficking, para-militarism, conscience buying, division of peoples, the commodification of life, precarity of waged and informal labor, collusion of the state and organized and authorized crime, privatization of education, femicides, repression; violence in all its forms.

We also expose the State, faithful butler of capital, which uses all its repressive apparatus against those of us who fight for life.

The full communiqué can be read here.

PBI-Mexico also accompanied the National Meeting of Struggles against Gas Pipelines and Death Projects in January 2022 where the Caravan for Water and Life was first announced.

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