PBI-Colombia accompanies 1st anniversary remembrance of three young protesters killed by police in Siloé neighbourhood of Cali

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On May 3, PBI-Colombia tweeted: “In the Siloé #massacre, 3 young protesters were murdered on May 3, 2021. One year later, the young people of Cali do #remember, accompanied by @Justiciaypazcol and Father Javier Giraldo. Guarantees of #no repetition and justice for victims of #police violence are still necessary.”

PBI-Colombia also tweeted: “2021 was marked by strong repression of #social protests in which 89 people were killed, 36 presumably by public forces. #Cali #Siloé was the epicenter of the protest, where 1 year ago 3 young people were murdered. #Siloé Has Memory. Today the search for justice continues.”

This media release has previously explained: “An event reconstruction by SITU Research and Amnesty International details how Colombian security forces assaulted peaceful protesters in the Siloé neighbourhood of the city of Cali on 3 May.”

It adds: “[The Operation Siloé] joint incursion by members of the National Police, the Mobile Anti-Riot Squad (ESMAD) and the Special Operations Group of the Colombian National Police (GOES) targeted people taking part in a vigil at the La Glorieta roundabout in the Siloé neighbourhood.”

Three people, including 21-year-old Kevin Agudelo, died of gunshot wounds that evening.

Erika Guevara-Rosas of Amnesty International has stated: “We hope that the Attorney General’s Office will make advances in the investigation into the death of Kevin Agudelo and the other serious human rights violations committed during Operation Siloé.”

As PBI-Colombia has noted on Facebook: “Agudelo’s family is legally accompanied by the Nomadesc and the Commission of Justice and Peace, who work to help get the victims of #police violence truth and justice.”

The 6-minute video that reconstructs the events of May 3, 2021, can be seen here.

PBI-Colombia has raised the issue of police violence with Canadian Embassy representatives several times, including on August 4, November 29, December 1, 2021.

At that December 1 meeting, Nomadesc requested guarantees that Canada does not assist the Colombian police with equipment.

Notably, Amnesty International’s Digital Verification Corps has confirmed the presence of two helicopters in the area during Operation Siloé.

Canada has sold Bell CH-135, 212 and 407 helicopters to the Colombian police and military.

In November 2019, when the national strike mobilizations first began, Webinfomil.com reported that the Colombian National Police would “deploy its entire fleet of Bell 407 Halcón surveillance helicopters in the main cities of the country, where the most important concentrations are expected to occur.”

Semana also noted: “The aircraft, normally, carries four policemen (two pilots) and sends the images it takes to the police command, in real time, so that they are implemented in chases, padlock operations and all kinds of operations.”

We continue to follow this with concern.


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