PBI-Colombia accompanies Nomadesc as humanitarian caravan arrives in Bogotá

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On April 27, PBI-Colombia tweeted:

“The #Humanitarian Caravan arrived in Bogotá today, #human rights defense organizations and communities in resistance to remain in the territory have toured the country since April 23 in rejection of #violence and the #humanitarian emergency. PBI accompanies @Nomadesc [the Association for Social Research and Action].”

Telesur has reported: “The humanitarian caravan for the defense of life, known as indigenous Minga, after advancing through different cities of Colombia, arrives this Wednesday [April 27] in Bogotá, the capital, in a new day of protests.”

Valora Analitik adds: “At around 11:00 am on Wednesday, a humanitarian caravan arrived with the indigenous guard, the maroon [cimarrona] guard and the peasant [campesino] guard, among other organizations, at the National Park, a place where indigenous communities have spent the night for several weeks.”

Colombia Informa has also explained: “Various organizations of the Colombian social movement are carrying out a Humanitarian Caravan … to denounce and make visible the national crisis with respect to the systematic violation of human rights, the continuous murders of social leaders that constitute a political genocide in impunity.”

The National Agrarian Coordinator, one of the groups organizing the caravan, says: “Social movements say that, for us, declaring ourselves in Humanitarian Emergency is an autonomous political action through which we seek to draw the attention of national and international society to the harsh reality we live. We do not want the state violence of recent times to remain part of the political landscape in Colombia. But we want solutions that guarantee us to continue living in our territory in a dignified way.”

A representative of the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca (CRIC), another group organizing the caravan, says: “We are going to propose to the country and to all the social and popular organizations a route of humanitarian dialogues in the possibility of weaving a comprehensive peace proposal and preparing it to present it to the next government after August 7.”

We continue to follow this via social media.

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