PBI-Colombia and CREDHOS warn of serious threats and attacks against environmental defender Carolina Agón Garcia

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Photo by Lia Valero/Vice.

On April 21, PBI-Colombia tweeted:

“Serious threats and recent attack against the renowned environmentalist Carolina Agón, promoter #humanrights of accompanied organization @Credhos_Paz. There is an alarming increase in attacks against those who defend water and territory #MagdalenaMedio without urgent protection measures being taken.”

PBI-Colombia is amplifying this tweet from CREDHOS:

“#UrgentAction The Corporation – #CREDHOS, #denounces the victimizing acts committed against our colleague LYSETH CAROLINA AGÓN GARCÍA, president of the Committee in Puerto Wilches #35YearsDefendingLife”

This Urgent Action from CREDHOS notes that Carolina received a threatening telephone call on February 3, her name was mentioned in a paramilitary pamphlet on February 6, armed men arrived at her house on February 11, there was a robbery at her home on March 27, and that shots were fired at her while travelling on a motorcycle on April 18.

CREDHOS says: “To the international community, we request your accompaniment for the enforceability of the right to defend human rights. May the defense of water, territory and human rights not cost us our lives!”

Opposition to fracking

Carolina has been an outspoken opponent of the proposed Kalé and Platero fracking pilot projects in Puerto Wilches, Santander.

Toronto-based Sintana Energy Inc. has highlighted that it “holds an undivided 30% non-operated participation interest in a Contract for Exploration and Production for Block VMM-37” where the Platero project would be conducted.

Calgary-based Canacol Energy Ltd. has commented that both pilots are “positive steps towards realizing the commercial potential of the unconventional shale oil field in Colombia.”

And Toronto-based Scotiabank has helped finance Ecopetrol, the state oil company that will be operating the pilot projects.

Webinar, May 8

We invite you to hear Carolina speak on our upcoming webinar on Sunday May 8 at 2:30 pm EDT. She will be joined by Yuvelis Morales (now living in exile because of death threats against her) and Canadian researcher Bronwen Tucker.

To register for this webinar, please click here.

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