Camp Morningstar on Lake Winnipeg defends water and territory from sand mining

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On February 16, Camp Morningstar tweeted: “For 3 years Camp Morningstar has occupied a trapline on Treaty 5 territory in opposition to a silica sand mine.”

Earlier this month, Indigenous Climate Action (ICA) posted on Instagram:

“Two weeks ago, ICA joined Camp Morningstar in solidarity to say NO to the proposed Canadian Premium Sand Mine that would extract 1.3 million tonnes of silica sand a year for the next 30 years while exposing Indigenous peoples to toxic air quality and contaminating the groundwater. Read more about Camp Morningstar in our latest blog post.”

Their blog further notes:

Canadian Premium Sand has violated Treaty 5 constitutionally protected rights.

They have destroyed a community-designated trapline, failed to achieve free, prior, informed consent (FPIC) from the Indigenous inhabitants, and have failed to comply with the conditions of the environmental license to date.

The nearby water supply, one of the community’s most significant resources, is at risk of being polluted by the leaching of heavy toxic metals into the groundwater and possibly Lake Winnipeg.

The exploitation of Indigenous peoples, land theft, pollution of water, extraction of natural resources, and the violation of treaty rights and obligations put in place by this so-called government to oppress Indigenous people are at the forefront of this proposed mine.

Indigenous Climate Action also points to this 16-minute National Film Board (NFB) documentary about Camp Morningstar.

The NFB says:

“This film shares the story of Camp Morningstar, a sacred camp established on the east side of Lake Winnipeg that was erected in response to the proposal of a silica sand mine. The film explores Camp Morningstar’s historical and spiritual connections to territory, the role of ceremony and spirituality, and the power of collective action.”

Notably, the Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition, which held an online film screening last month about this struggle, asked: “Are you aware frac sand mining in MB is poised to help with fracking & filling more pipelines?”

They further highlighted:

“The frac and mining industry is a threat in MB [Manitoba]. Corporations want to tear open the heart of our continent and province to extract silica sand out of our land, polluting & destroying a major drinking water aquifer. This film screening [of “Camp Morningstar” and “The Price of Sand”] will educate us on the issues and how it affects our communities. We will also provide ways you can take action on this pressing issue!”

To find out more about Camp Morningstar, this is their Facebook page and Twitter page.

Photo: Still from NFB documentary about Camp Morningstar.

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