PBI-Colombia accompanies Justice and Peace in their work following the massacre at Puerto Leguizamo

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On April 11, the Peace Brigades International-Colombia Project posted: “PBI accompanies the Inter-Church Commission of Justice and Peace in their work defending the human rights of the Alto Remanso community and victims.”

At least 11 people were killed in a military operation Alto Remanso, Puerto Leguizamo on March 28, but the final death toll is still unknown.

Justice and Peace has reported:

“Days after the massacre occurred in the hamlet of El Remanso, corregimiento of Puerto Ospina, municipality of Puerto Leguizamo, testimonies continue to be known that deny the official versions of the national government about the operation that barbarically ended the lives of eleven people, including an indigenous [Quechua] governor [Pablo Panduro], [Divier Hernandez] a president of the JAC [Community Action Board] of El Remanso and his wife, a child, a peasant worker, as well as four wounded, three women.”

Now, journalists from Vorágine, El Espectador and Revista Cambio coordinated their efforts for this report (in Spanish): The inconsistencies of the military operation in Putumayo that claimed the lives of civilians.

Their report notes: “Members of the Alto Remanso community say that soldiers identified themselves as guerrillas to attack a supposed group from the Border Commandos [an illegal group made up of FARC dissidents, former members of the AUC, and former members of the criminal organization La Constru].”

It also highlights: “The versions and reports of the Ministry of Defense and the Prosecutor’s Office do not match.”

We continue to follow this situation.

PBI-Colombia has accompanied the Justice and Peace Commission since 1994.

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