PBI-Honduras accompanies Arcoiris, the LGBT Association of Honduras, at day of training workshops

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On March 1, PBI-Honduras tweeted: “PBI accompanies @arcoirisghn [the LGTB Association of Honduras] during a day of training workshops. On the Day of the #cerodiscriminacion [zero discrimination] we remember the important work of the organization in the defense and promotion of the human rights of sexual diversity.”

UNAIDS explains: “On Zero Discrimination Day, 1 March, we celebrate the right of everyone to live a full and productive life—and live it with dignity.”

“Zero Discrimination Day highlights how people can become informed about and promote inclusion, compassion, peace and, above all, a movement for change. Zero Discrimination Day is helping to create a global movement of solidarity to end all forms of discrimination.”

It adds: “On Zero Discrimination Day this year, under the theme ‘Remove laws that harm, create laws that empower’, UNAIDS is highlighting the urgent need to take action against discriminatory laws.”

PBI-Honduras has accompanied Arcoíris, the LGTB Association of Honduras since July 2015.

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