PBI-Honduras accompanies ARCAH and MADJ at launch of the Permanent Assembly of People’s Power in Tegucigalpa

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On January 12, PBI-Honduras tweeted: “PBI accompanied @Arcah_hn [Alternative for Community and Environmental Reclamation of Honduras] and @MovAmplioHn [the Broad Movement for Dignity and Justice/ MADJ] during the public presentation of the Permanent Assembly of People’s Power of Honduras.”

Their tweet adds: “At PBI, we highlight the importance of dialogue and joint work in defense of human rights.”

Criterio reports: “At least 50 organizations of the popular and social movement in Honduras made official this Tuesday [January 11] the formation of the Permanent Assembly of People’s Power (APPP) in the vicinity of the Presidential House, an event during which they read their proclamation and announced the next delivery of a letter addressed to President-elect Xiomara Castro.”

“The coordinator of the Broad Movement for Dignity and Justice (MADJ) and lawyer, Víctor Fernández, told Criterio.hn that the APPP is a body that raises several issues of struggle that involve the demand for the construction of the National Constituent Assembly, demilitarization, the revocation of the model of unconsulted and corrupt concessions.”

“As well as the demand for justice against crimes against defenders of the territory, environment and human rights from the eighties to the present, with the murders committed during the coup d’état of 2009 and the electoral fraud of 2017, between others.”

“Fernández said that the Permanent Assembly of People’s Power is opening an autonomous communication channel with the new government, through which they will deliver the letter to President-elect Xiomara Castro in the coming days.”

That article adds: “The proclamation in total has fourteen points, and states that they are moved by their ‘historical responsibility for the construction of a society and a State directed by and from the popular proposal, which overcomes and defeats the hegemony of capital, which does justice to the victims and that it punish the elites who have plundered and filled our people with pain and shame, historically making the vital contribution of women, indigenous peoples, blacks, Afro-indigenous peoples and the invisible dissidents.’”

VTV also reports: “The installation of the National Constituent Assembly and the demilitarization of the country are part of the proposals for the new government announced today by more than 50 grassroots organizations that make up the Permanent Assembly of People’s Power.”

Xiomara Castro will be inaugurated on January 27.



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