When Ivan Madero and CREDHOS members spent Christmas at the PBI house in Barrancabermeja

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As Christmas approaches for many people, we revisit this story told by Ivan Madero of the Regional Corporation for the Defence of Human Rights (CREDHOS).

The Peace Brigades International-Colombia Project has accompanied CREDHOS since 1994.

In this video Ivan explains the intensity of the security situation in the city of Barrancabermeja, Santander in 1995.

So much so that CREDHOS members “sought refuge, each of us with our respective families, in the PBI house and spent Christmas there.”

Ivan says: “It was a very special moment, there was a high risk, but in PBI we found fraternity, affection, a good reception, and this was very important.”

And in this video posted on December 24, 2019, Ivan wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous year.

He adds: “Together with our children, with the new generations, as soon as this time is given in the world for Christmas rejoicing and reflections ends, let’s continue in the streets with our social protests.”

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