Danilo Rueda: “In Colombia, 601 environmental defenders have been murdered since the peace agreement”

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On November 15, PBI-Colombia tweeted: “More than 1,005 land and environmental defenders killed since COP21 in 2015. The final Agreement of #COP26 does not refer to those who protect the land from the front line. It is urgent to protect those who protect the earth. The climate crisis is a crisis of #DDHH [human rights].”

The quote below says: “In Colombia, 601 environmental defenders have been murdered since the peace agreement. What we are protecting are the forests, the animals: the sources of life. The underlying issue is social and environmental justice.”

The Peace Agreement was ratified on November 29-30, 2016, meaning more than 100 environmental defenders have been killed each year since then.

Rueda also participated in the PBI-convened webinar on COP26. You can watch that webinar here (Rueda’s intervention in Spanish begins at 1:13:40).

During that webinar, he commented: “Only the people, the organized society, saves the organized society. Only to the extent that the conscious citizen power, the power of the people, is the conscious power, society will be transformed.”

Rueda is the national coordinator of the Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission. PBI-Colombia has accompanied them since 1994.

Still from PBI webinar on COP26, November 6.

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