PBI-Guatemala meets with departmental and municipal authorities in Chiquimula

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On November 12, PBI-Guatemala posted: “At PBI we traveled to the department of Chiquimula to present our work on the ground to the departmental and municipal authorities.”

PBI-UK has previously explained the theory behind this:

“Though government forces are not always the main threat to human rights defenders, they can obstruct their work and increase their vulnerability.

Wherever a PBI volunteer encounters a representative of government forces, that person should ideally already know who PBI is, what they are there to do, and that their superiors will reprimand them if they do anything to antagonise PBI.

Commanders at field level must know that any violations against PBI will be noted at higher levels. The teams must therefore regularly liaise with local police and military commanders to make sure that their subordinates know who PBI is.”

Peace Brigades International first operated a project in Guatemala from 1983-1999, which closed following the Peace Accords. Unfortunately, the human rights situation soon began to deteriorate and PBI returned  in 2003.

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