PBI COP26 webinar to feature Mexican environmental defenders Salvemos los cerros

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Mexican environmental defenders Salvemos los cerros will be speaking on the PBI ‘COP26 and land defenders’ webinar on November 6.

To register to hear them speak, click here.

Salvemos los cerros says: “We are inhabitants of Chihuahua City, we want to save the hills that are the source of life, water, air, culture, identity.”

Their profile notes: “The protection of the environment and biodiversity with activities such as rescue of native fauna, mitigation of climate change, an approach in which the comrades of the National Network of Climate Resistance support us and the defense of the territory with a human rights perspective, especially with a focus on respect for the most vulnerable and marginalized social sectors,  the preservation of the cultural and archaeological heritage that exists in the territory, which we carry out together with the INAH [the National Institute of Anthropology and History] in Chihuahua.”

This past July, they also tweeted: “The hills help capture water and mitigate climate change. As the destruction of natural areas advances, so will ‘natural’ disasters.”

In July, Luis Rivera of Salvemos los cerros also spoke at this Facebook live event on the topic of Climate Crisis and Racism in the context of #500AñosdeResistencia.

And they have highlighted: “We all lose out with the terrible political and economic model that destroys the environment. A few make a lot of money, but money can’t be eaten, it can’t be taken, it can’t breathe, and it can’t heal.”

They add: “What do we prefer, to take care of Mother Earth, to respect the collective human rights of us and our children or that a few continue to earn a lot of money?”

Salvemos Los Cerros works with Extinction Rebellion and Fridays for Future among other climate justice groups.

PBI webinar, November 6

Peace Brigades International will be holding a webinar on COP26 and land defenders that will take place on Saturday November 6 at 1 pm EST (Ontario/Quebec) and 1900 CEST (European time) with simultaneous translation in English and Spanish.

It will feature Salvemos los cerros along with land and environmental rights defenders from Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Kenya.

To register for this webinar, please click here.

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