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Our webinar with Giulia, Charlotte, Valentina and Anuja is coming up soon – Sunday October 24!

They will be talking about what it’s like to be a PBI brigadista accompanying at-risk land and environmental rights defenders in Colombia and Guatemala.

We may also have a PBI volunteer speaking from Honduras.

You can register for that webinar by clicking here.

The planning for our webinar on Saturday November 6 about the United Nations Conference of Parties (COP) 26 summit is also progressing.

You can register for that webinar by clicking here.

It will feature Danilo Rueda from Colombia, Juana Ramona Zuñiga from Honduras, Amaru Ruiz from Nicaragua, and a representative from Salvemos los cerros (Save the hills) in Mexico. We should have news for you next week about the speakers we’ll have from Guatemala and Kenya, so please stay tuned for further updates.

Accompaniments this week

1- PBI-Guatemala accompanies lawyers at hearing on the 1982 Dos Erres village massacre

2- PBI-Honduras accompanies sit-in at trial for Indigenous Lenca land defenders Víctor Vásquez and José Santos Vigil

3- PBI-Guatemala accompanies Olopa communities at ceremony for Indigenous resistance

4- PBI-Mexico accompanies criminalized river protector Miguel López Vega at court hearing

5- PBI-Colombia accompanies CAHUCOPANA as communities in northeastern Antioquia face difficult human rights situation

We have a lot more on the go, so please follow us on Twitter for daily updates on accompaniments in Latin America and commentary on Indigenous land defence struggles in this country, specifically on Gidimt’en and Secwepemc territories in British Columbia.

Thank you for opening this email! And if can make a donation to allow us to continue to do this work, this is a safe and secure online platform, or you can mail us at PBI-Canada, 211 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 6H5.

Sincerely, Brent Patterson, executive director, PBI-Canada

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